Soho Rep provides radical theater makers with productions of the highest caliber and tailor-made development at key junctures in their artistic practice. We elevate artists as thought leaders and citizens who change the field and society. Artistic autonomy is paramount at Soho Rep—we encourage an unmediated connection between artists and audiences to create a springboard for transformation and rich civic life beyond the walls of our small theater.

Core Values

We re-center the narratives of people who are underrepresented in our field. We interrogate the history and form of Theater and ask why and for whom Theater exists.

We prioritize open access to our work. We keep tickets affordable, build two-way coalitions and partnerships across the City, and continually invite new audiences to our shows.

The sustainability of Soho Rep is directly tied to the individuals at the heart of our theater. We provide holistic support and fair pay. We are clear-sighted about our organizational capacity, which generates a more reasonable workload for all. We make ambitious and destabilizing theater, which demands even greater diligence to create a nurturing and supportive environment.